Monday, January 23, 2012

E.L.F. (eyes lips face) HAUL and review!

Ok, if you have never tried ELF or even heard of it, now is the time to do so! I am a big fan of "high end" make up and products and being in the beauty industry at times have been a bit snobbish about "drugstore" products. I mean you always get what you pay for right? Well usually I agree with that statement, but that being said, I have been venturing out more for drugstore products..well makeup..the hair thing..no its against my personal creed. I CAN'T DO IT!

If you want to check out a recent Haul I made at ulta you can watch it here.

Oh. My. Everything on Eyeslipsface.com is so cheap! I wanted to try out a makeup setting spray from Urban Decay but wasn't sure about spending the $30+ on something I had never tried. So I did some research and found the ELF make up setting spray for $3. SOLD. I can risk $3 to potentially save more in the long run. And since I was going to spend $30 anyway.... My only other purchase from ELF was Dec 2010 when I purchased an 100 shadow palette, which I liked and have used a lot since then. I purchased it from my local Target but it only carries ELF seasonally. So the only other place I can purchase it is online.

 If you want to see my video comparing it to MAC and Urban Decay click here. So what else did I get ehh??

Forgive me, I meant to take individual pictures..but i didn't and I am too lazy to do it now. ha ha... So I will reference back to this photo From left to right.

Studio Lash Primer  Eh.. its was ok.  I have used Mac Prep and Prime and it really coats your lashes and lengthens them...this did like 1/4 of what Mac's did.  But It did help a little. My real problem is that it seems like there is hardly anything on the brush so I have to apply it several times, once I do that its ok.  $3

 Studio Glossy Gloss- Funky Fuchsia I love this gloss! It isn't too sticky it has a good color pay off (not too sheer) I like that it has a brush applicator. I mean really its great.  But I have a hard time swallowing $15+ for a gloss like Mac or nars.. I like cheap lip gloss. $3

Waterproof eyeliner pen- Black  this is the first eyeliner pen I have tried.  Its like a sharpie for your eyes!  I like this.  Its a teeny bit dry but at the same time if its too liquidity it would make the line to thick.  Its dark but its not like jet black..but it stayed on well but I did touch it up around 5 p.m. (on since 8 a.m.) to go somewhere that night.  $1 (seriously worth it!)

Sharpener- Haven't tried yet!

Body Shimmer- Blazing Bronze I am a teeny bit obsessed with cream products since they layer so much better over dry skin instead of a powder.  Bought this for a contouring with a bit of shimmer.  It also comes in a gold, pink and coral.  I kind of want all the colors. LOVE.  $3

Shimmer Palette- This can be used for eyes lips or cheeks.  It looks nice, but I loved the other highlighters I got so much I haven't used it too much.  But it has a bunch of colors in it so its nice for lots of different looks.  $3

HD powder- This powder is translucent and a supposed knock off or dupe of Make up Forevers HD powder.  Im kind of torn, this was the most expensive thing I bought, and I like it, but I don't know if it does anything miraculous.  It does set my makeup well, but I guess since Ive been so obsessed with a dewy fresh face, I haven't reached for powder too much.  A word of caution this is for HD video NOT for photography.  If you use it for photography your face will be white as a ghost!  Serious.  I tried it.  Wanna see pics?? ha ha..no. Its kind of ridiculous.  I do overall like this powder it gives it a soft focus look, I will just need to use it more to really say if I love it or not. $6

All over Cover Sticks- Apricot Beige and Toffee another cream product for a non shimmer highlight and contour.  I love these.  They work amazing for what I need them for and blend well, wear well, dont make me break out and cost only $1!!

Mist and Set Spray- This is a product you spray over your face after your makeup is applied (minus eyeliner and mascara) to set it to make it last all day.  I have liked this product and will probably continue to repurchase this.  Every time I have used it, it seems like my makeup stays on really well with fewer retouches.  Note of caution.  If you smell the bottle nozzle directly it smells horrible.  I did know that before I bought it but others said it did not smell on face.  I cannot smell anything though when I spray it, or when it is on my face.  I asked the hubs and he did not smell it.  And he is honest about those things! $3

Studio brushes- I bought two brushes, a dome eyeshadow brush and a concealer brush.  I read mixed reviews on these but my sister has a set and loved them. She was probably my first introduction to ELF she switched some products from MAC...guess I should of tried it earlier!  Anyhow these brushes are synthetic but very soft and I haven't had any shedding whatsoever so far!  $3

So that's all I got in my haul! Talk about a lot for your money! I'd definitely say more hits than misses, and several repurchases!  Ive heard sometimes they do a 50% sale..um when that happens i'm stocking up.


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Gisell the Hairstylist said...

I love elf brushes. A Follow me.i'm a Hairstylist :)

Jeremy and Megan said...

I'm torn with the ELF products too. I am a BIG fan of MAC and Mark Kay. I just started using ELF and LOVE their mineral mascara, the liquid eyeliner and I love the primer, it is a lot like smashbox but $6!! I do like th HD powder but don't have anything to compare it to.