Sunday, October 17, 2010

NEW Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder Review

So a week or so ago I posted a great Haul I got . One of the purchases I made in that haul with The Big Sexy Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing powder. I had originally gone in for several other items and the lady working there introduced me to the powder play. I was very intrigued at the fact that a powder was going to make my hair voluminous? There are lots of days I just let me hair air dry. Normally if I let me hair air dry It doesn't have ANY body. Sure I can get volume with products and blow drying but as far as leave my hair straight the only thing I can do is backcomb my hair. Which I don't mind backcombing, but I do have a lot of clients that DON'T like backcombing. So immediately I was VERY intrigued. So I knew it was something I had to try.

So under the lid there is a little shaker, and you are supposed to shake the powder on the roots of your dry hair for instant lift and separation.

So what I did was parted my hair about 1/2 away from the part on both sides and sprinkled some of the powder on the roots.  Not on the scalp but from the scalp to about an inch away from the scalp.  Then I gently rubbed the powder in.  I continued to do that around my hair where I desired to have more volume.  The product made the roots feel kind of dirty but not in a greasy way, like in a clay like dry sort of way.  I figured this would be great for people who get oily easily. 

 So here Is my before picture.  I sprinkled at my roots then I rubbed and tousled my hair.

Here is my after!  I was very pleasantly surprised!  It gave me an all over more voluminous look like I had actually ROUND BRUSHED my hair.  Then I thought, well its probably cause I tousled my hair, it won't stay this way right?  Well it did!  If my hair did start to settle down during the day I could just run my fingers through it to "poof" it up and it would refresh the body.  I loved that it didn't make my hair heavy or greasy. 

So what did I think? I LOVED it.  I went out and bought more so I could have some for my clients! I knew they were going to LOVE this. This is an amazing product, unlike anything I have ever tried.  It works great to in conjunction with other volumizers to give your volume staying powder.  If you like extreme body this also gives a little grit for your backcombing to stick to.  I have used this product in fine and thick hair and it does the trick in both hair types!  Haven't tried it in curly hair yet, but I can't wait to!  Another way to use this product is to sprinkle it throughout the length to give texture and separation.  Because I have fine long hair I prefer to use it for volume but it works awesome for both because it is lightweight and non greasy!
watch this product in action!

Big Sexy Powder Play retails for $12-15 

You can read more reviews on this product on Amazon.com

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Annette Poole said...

Thanks for the info on this, especially on how to actually use it! My hair has been thinning and I've been searching for something to give me more volume. I purchased some on Amazon tonight after reading the great reviews, can't wait to try it!