Monday, October 20, 2014

Nordstrom Fall Fashion and Beauty Trends 2014 Part 2- My makeover and OOTD

Hi guys! so if you have not seen my part one of this post about the new makeup collections, make sure you check that out .

So Saturday morning at 8 am (YAWN!) there was the official beauty trends and fashion show.  It was fun to see the looks in action that we had previewed a few nights prior.  So today I am going to share with you the new fashion trends they are seeing for fall!

 So here are some shots of the beauty show they showed  4 different trends. I apologize for that lack of awesome photos, being in the second row did not allow me the shots I wish I would of gotten!

Trend number 1:

I didn't get a photo of this one, but it includes menswear inspired looks. Featuring an outfit designed around a black tuxedo jacket!  It was very classy and I think works great for later 20's and up!

Trend number 2: had this adorable printed circle skirt with a white blouse, leather jacket and a great silver chained statement necklace.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nordstrom Fall Fashion and Beauty Trends 2014 Part 1

Hi guys! So this past week I had the pleasure of joining a bunch of other Utah fashion and beauty bloggers at the "A tell all for fall" fashion and beauty trend event.  This was there first ever event!  So thursday evening all us bloggers got together and we got to preview some of the new makeup collections! Boy were they gorgeous!

So the trends of the Fall season for makeup are

1. Shimmer!  Ladies pull out your highlighters and get your shimmer on! Wearing shimmer on eyes, lips or decollate is totally in for fall.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Top 10 ELF (Eyes Lips Face) Favorites

Hi everyone today I want to talk to you about a great inexpensive makeup you can find at your local Target or Walmart or at, better known as ELF.

My sister actually introduced me to ELF years ago when she had purchased somethings from them online and told me how great it was.  It took me a few years to actually order something and once I did I was hooked! They routinely have coupon codes for free shipping, 20,30 sometimes even 50% OFF! (Those are the days you stock up majorly!).  Over the years I have done many Elf hauls and have tried and collected quite a few of their products.  There are some I like, some I LOVE and some that well..I'd rather NOT use!

Today's video is "All about the love".  I am showing you my top 10  11 favorites products of all time! (It started out as 10 but then I remembered I forgot something so you get a bonus product!)

What are your ELF favorites? Do you have any holy gail items you can't live without? Let me know!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

How To: Get Rid of Split Ends!

Hey guys! Today I am sharing with you how to get rid of your split ends! I will be going over the products I use to help smooth and conceal split ends and also a tutorial on how to get rid of them!
So without further ado....

xoxo -Amber

Monday, October 6, 2014

September Favorites 2014! Beauty and Lifestyle!

Hey guys can you believe another month has come and gone and it is already October?! I can't either really! So this month I show you my beauty (and lifestyle) favorites! Sometimes you just have those products you reach for over and over and you can't get enough of them! What were your September Favorites? If you have a favorites post leave me a comment I would love to check it out! Here are some close up's of a few of my favorites of this month!

Here are my foundation picks for the month. I actually like to mix these two foundation together because I'm in that "fall foundation" hole where nothing quite matches! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Get Ready With Me! -Smashbox Wonder Vision Palette!

Hey guys! The video I am sharing with you today is me getting film videos! Its really a time I like to make an extra effort to get ready, so I thought I would show you what I do!  I am using my Smashbox Wonder Vision Palette, which I totally adore.

Here is a close up of the eye look I created, I also use the Younique Fiber Lashes 

I really love how this look came together.  Although I used this look to film, I think it could be used for anything from day to day to a night out.

Water Fasting for Rosacea - Does it really Work?

Have you ever heard of water fasting? I have heard comments several times on my videos about rosacea that it can be cured with water fasting. What do you think about this? How far would you go to cure rosacea? Have you ever had an experience with this? Did it work? Let me know!

Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Honest Review - NOT A DISTRIBUTER/ PRESENTER

Hi Guys! So today I am going to be talking about the Younique 3D fiber lashes.  This, in my opinion is a very hot topic because people LOVE it or they HATE it.

If you don't like lashes that look like they have a lot of mascara on, or a tad but clumpy, then I would not suggest this product for you.  If you like the look of a lot of mascara and like really volumized thick lashes, then I think you will LOVE this product!

How To: Get Less Breakage in Your Hair | Pureology Strength Cure Review

Hi Guys! Today I am talking about one of my favorite Shampoo and Conditioner Lines, Pureology.  I have been a Pureology fan since the line first launched, years ago! I have tried the volumizing line, hydrating line and perfect for platinum line and have enjoyed all of them, depending on what me, or my client's hair needs.

So I noticed earlier this spring a new Pureology Line had come out, Strength Cure! So I decided to put it to the test!  Would using this product actually cause my hair to break less? We will find out! Here I have my initial first impressions/review then my review after a whole month of usage! Have you tried Pureology Strength Cure? What did you think?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Salt of The Earth Sugar Scrub Review!

I had the privilege of touring the Salt of the Earth Spa and learning a little bit about the company and product line! It actually started in the now owner (Paul Heslop)'s neighbors garage!  He worked there as a teen and eventually ending up purchasing the company as an adult and has grown it into what it is now.  He loved the idea of custom blending these body products to give people their own "experiences".  

So when you walk into the spa they have this wonderful body product mixing bar.
You have the choice of making a sugar/salt scrub or a body creme.  First you pick which product you want to make, then you pick from 12 different scents/essential oils.  I chose a sugar scrub with the scent "aloe and green tea" and it smells ammmmazing.  Then they add all the ingredients to your bowl and you make your own product right there!