Friday, November 21, 2014

Fashion Friday! PRE BLACK FRIDAY 2014 DEALS!

Hey guys I am just trying to let you know about a lot of great deals going on right now! This post will be short and sweet!

First one of my favorite fashion site for deals: Cents of Style! There deals are amazing every week!

IMAGE: Galmour Magazine Subscription & Scarf- $12.95 & FREE SHIPPING, +15% Commission

TODAY ONLY! Pick out a fabulous scarf for $12.95 and you know it FREE SHIPPING! PLUS You get a whole years subscription for GLAMOUR maganize for FREE.  Yup thats a steal! Cover price on glamour is $42.00 for a year. *affiliate links used

IMAGE: Galmour Magazine Subscription & Scarf- $12.95 & FREE SHIPPING, +15% Commission

30% OFF your total order NOW at EDDIE BAUER!


Have you guys heard of GROOP DEALS? Well I just found there site and guess what its...amazing.

I mean these leggings. Need I say more? These say "Amber" all over them.  What a fun thing to wear to a holiday or New Years party? Now you have something festive to wear that isn't a dress! Woo! 
And of course, THEY ARE ON SALE..... for $23.00 IF YOU WANT THESE ACT FAST THEY HAVE 23 PAIRS LEFT!  There are TONS of cute stuff on this site, oh my goodness!!

Take 20% OFF at DOWNEAST for the friends and family event!
Just use the code: FRIENDS20

Thats all for today, I will post more deals as I find them! Happy Fashion Friday! 
-XOXO Amber

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Too Faced Haul!

So A week or so ago I made an order from Too Faced.  I had only tried a few products from Too Faced.  Although I had only swatched the chocolate bar palette I had known for a long time that I really really wanted to purchase it.  I took advantage of the friends and family sale and got some goodies I had my eye on.  

So here is the goodies that I grabbed!

I must say Too Faced does a beautiful job with their packaging! I loved that it came in a pink box!  The primed and pore less and the lipgloss were free gifts with purchase! Which I LOVE!

Next on to the star of the show, the chocolate bar palette.  I have wanted this palette almost a year! I have watched tutorials, swatched it in store so it felt great to finally be able to purchase this.  Sometimes its so nice to treat yourself! *Affiliate links are used, when purchasing through this link you support this blog and help me produce better content for you! 

I love that the packaging really does look like a candy bar.  But the real goodies are whats inside!

These shadows are a great mix of matte, satin, shimmer and straight up glittery, and I love every one of them! I swatches them all and seriously there is not a dud in the bunch.  I have won these a couple times and they have lasted all day long with great pigmentation! 

Here is the first two rows of swatches

and here is the last row of swatches.  The mattes are buttery and smooth which is the hardest to find.  I don't find this shadow to be overly powdery which is lovely.  I think for a neutrals lover this is the perfect palette, with just a touch of color. 

Next was the melted kisses set.  This is a limited edition set for Christmas.  I was so happy that I could get this kit and try out 4 of the colors!  and for $25?! Total steal!  So if you are wanting this kit I would suggest to act now!

Here is the swatches beautiful, pigmented, and long lasting.
The colors are melted fuchsia,  melted berry, melted peony, melted nude.   When applied this lipstick feels amazing.  Its light and almost feels like a matte lipstick. But when you put your lips together you can feel the slip and moisture you normally would not have from a matter lipstick.  I wore this lipstick all day to day and after I ate and drank the lipstick part did wear away but I was left with a beautiful red stain on my lips.  

Next I have a little pictorial tutorial for you on the look I did today. 

Here I have put the clear label over the palette so you can see all the color names.

Step 1: Put black forest truffle into your crease and slightly onto the lid.
Step 2: Put salted caramel just above the darker color as a transition color
Step 3: BLEND. Hold the brush at the end of the brush and lightly swipe the color to blend it.
Step 4: Apply champagne truffle to the lid to make it pop and also to the inner corners.
Step 5: Put milk chocolate to fill in brows and white chocolate on brow bone.
Step 6: Line top lash line with black liner and dark some black forest under bottom lash
Step 7: Curl lashes and add mascara.
Step 8: Finish with the Melted Berry Lipstick.

Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial if you already have the chocolate bar palette, if you haven't heres a link to check it out!  Also this would make a great gift for any makeup loving beauty! 

-XOXO Amber

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lets Talk About Nose Shapes, Self Confidence and How I Contour My Nose!

Hey guys! So today's video is about noses.  Sometimes I feel like noses are the elephant in the room.  There's a LOT of people who don't like their nose but nobody ever talks about it.  Well today I am taking down the walls and talking freely about how I feel about my nose.  I realize I don't have the sweet little pixie nose I would like, but I have come to be ok with that.

"The words we say have more effect than we realize on the people know."

Honestly it was taken me a LONG time.  All through Jr. High and High School I was super insecure. Well most of us are aren't we? After some comments from people about my nose, I became super sensitive about my nose.  I hated the fact that when people talked about me people would most likely say: " You know Amber the tall blonde girl, skinny, big nose." Yep. Thats meeee. Thanks.  

People don't realize that saying things like that can be very hurtful, but people do that all the time with peoples weight or other features that might stand out on their face or body.  So I decided to do something about it. No, I could't do a PSA and tell the world to stop talking about the size of peoples noses, but I could change the way I talked about other people.  I tried the very best I could to use NICE WORDS when explaining others.  You know what? It wasn't very hard.

Hair.  Unless someone is balding, hair is usually a safe place to go.  Lucky for me hair is easy to describe!  I choose my words wisely.  I may still use height as a way to describe someone but only in a positive way.  I just try to make the overall description sound appealing.  "Oh you know Julie she's got that dark long shiny hair and the beautiful smile? " If they aren't getting it maybe add. "She's about average height and curvy."  I think most women are ok with being "curvy" but no one wants to be called a little overweight or fat or whatever else people might say.  So it IS possible to describe people without being RUDE.

Or I use traits about that person.  "Julie she's the one who works downtown at the lawyers office?  She's a great artist...she has two dogs...she lives on the north side of town.." Guess what?! Theres lots of ways I could describe Julie!

Anyhow.  Just something to think about.  The words we say have more effect than we realize on the people know. Back to noses.  There are lots of different shapes of noses.  Because I feel like I have a "less than desirable" shape of nose, because I am talking for experience, I feel like its ok for me to discuss these things! Hopefully if you struggle with your nose too, this might help you.

nose shapes, what shape is my nose

A couple of nose shapes to keep in mind:

1. Wide nose.  This nose tends to be flatter and shorter but widen out at the nostril area especailly when you smile.

2. Long nose.  This nose is usually a narrow nose that has a strong bridge and the tip extends out.

3. Triangular nose.  This is where you have a small bridge of your nose but then the bottom of your nose widens out to form a triangle shape.

4. Bulbous nose.  This is where the tip of your nose is larger and rounded.

5. Bump on nose. This is where instead of having a slope to the bridge of your nose, you have a bump at the top of the bridge of your nose.

6. Hooked nose.  This is where the bump on your nose is further down on the middle of the bridge of your nose making your nose more rounded from bridge to tip and the tip of your nose usually points down.

7. Crooked nose.  Whether by birth or by accident some peoples noses will point one way or the other, or the bump or base of the nose might be crooked.

8.Up turned nose.  This is a nose where the tip of the nose points more up and the nostrils tend to be more exposed.

Did I miss anything?

Also I think its common to have a combinations of nose shapes, I know I do.

So in this video I discuss the shape of my nose, dealing with having a larger nose  and I show you how I contour my nose, and my face.  I add the face in because honestly it looks strange to contour your nose and leave the rest of your face plain!  I hope you enjoy this video!

If you can't see this video make sure you visit this site to watch it, you really don't want to miss this!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Darling Geometric Pillow Cover Sale and Redecorating!

Hey guys I just got word of this sale today and its too good not to share.  Although I don't post about decorating on this blog I do LOVE decorating.  The problem is my decorating ideas and my budget well..they don't always go together.  So recently I re decorated the couch in my kitchen.

Yes I just said couch in my kitchen.  

Its kind of a long story but basically we had a larger house before we moved into our current house.  I had purchased this couch less than a year before and although there was nowhere to put it,  I couldn't let it go.  Our kitchen is quite large and has a sunny window by some patio doors.  So I decided to make lemonade out of lemons and I made it part of our kitchen seating.

It may not be ideal but I LOVE how the couch looks.  I purchased the two cute middle pillows from Target.

So I have been wanting to makeover my living room pillows.  I bought them like 6 years ago, and I am over them.  I love the ones above from Pier 1 in my oversized chair; but the ones on my couch are just not doing it for me.

At the time I liked this oversized pillow, but now it seems big and bulky and too blah.  

SO then I saw that one of my favorites deal sites Cents of Style has PILLOW COVERS! WHAT? I Think these blue chevron would be perfect to replace these huge ones! Maybe the tan ones too? What do you guys think? Anyway they are having a huge sale today and I just want pass it along to you guys! I have used pillow covers before and just throw my old pillows inside, its a snap!

You can see why I need these in my life! They are just my style and I think go well with the pillows I already have in my house.  I am seriously obsessing over these. 

oh did I mention this #stylesteal is only $6.95 AND FREE SHIPPING!  It's true!  Today only!  So I better go order mine now, bye guys!

Well goes to show that you can't wait on these deals! I waited till tonight to order. BAD IDEA all the colors I wanted were SOLD OUT. insert crying emoji. 

-xoxo Amber

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Makeup Collection and Storage 2014

Hey guys! Today I am showing a peak into my makeup collection.  I have a smaller home and I do not have a room dedicated to my filming and makeup storage.   Having a smaller home you have to get creative on a couple of things.  One how to store the makeup, and also how to make it accessible.

I use a large long dresser with a mirror and a tall set of drawers. I got my large dresser from RC Willey which matches the rest of my bedroom set, and a tall set of drawers from IKEA.  When I picked out my bedroom furniture I purposely picked a dresser that could double as a vanity.  That way you are making that furniture work for you two ways, hence saving space.

The other thing I would suggest is using vertical storage.  By using vertical storage you maximize you space.  I use a small set of drawers on top of my vanity with some clear acrylic storage on top.
The top of my vanity is more cluttered than I would like, but thats what you deal with when you have a small house. I like these drawers from ikea because I have more narrow drawers for blushes, eyeshadows, but then I have drawers to hold larger palettes and things like that.  So if you are interested in how I store everything, and what all those drawers hold, then check out the video below!  If you can't see the video below then make sure you click to visit the blog and then you will see the video.

Want to shop my stash? I have linked some of my favorites products from my collection below for your shopping convenience!

Shop my makeup collection:

Elf Cosmetics: http://bit.ly/1sjwxMb

Too Faced Cosmetics:http://bit.ly/1vfufol

Jordana Mascara: http://bit.ly/1vb92N5


Smashbox: http://bit.ly/1yGJFQd

Naked 3 palette: http://bst.is/DsyKW8

The Balm Bon Jovi Palette: http://full.sc/1xaWd1H

Tarte Big Thrill Palette: http://amzn.to/1zuZ7ml

Mac Palette: http://amzn.to/1tydvVZ

Nars Blush Mata Hari: http://amzn.to/1usRfAu

Dream Lumi Pen: http://bit.ly/10jZ910

Yonique Pigments: http://www.get3dmascara.com

Nars Anna: http://amzn.to/1qoz6Ne

Elf Wink Pink: http://bit.ly/1x5C5Qv

Hakari Cabernet: http://bit.ly/1tvlbcy

Bobbi Brown Smokey Lash: http://amzn.to/1tGpzGt

Ed Hardy Born Wild: http://amzn.to/10kzpld