Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Boot Collection 2015

Calling all you boot lovers out there!  This video is sharing my boot collection, in a fun kind of look book way!  I love wearing boots and I think they can totally make an outfit!

Right now is the perfect time to get boots because they are all going on sale! The tall black and brown boots (darker tallest brown pair) are from famous footwear.

  I usually always wear flats and more riding style boots but occasionally I wish I could wear those heeled booties because they are so cute!

I can never have too many combat boots in my life either! I love the studded tongues on this pair!

Boots are fun with a splash a color too! The really color full ones I have are from H & M here is another fun pair though! This pair is from  Go Jane.com.  Man I seriously need a shoe haul because they have some amazing pairs!

Alrighty So here is my boot collection!
I would love to hear what your personal favorite kind of boots are :) Leave me a comment I always reply!

-XOXO Amber

Project Pan! 2015

Hey guys! So I know its no secret around here that I have quite a bit of makeup.  The term "quite" is used rather loosely I know.  After I did my No Buy last year I really took some time to think about the products I was buying and what I really wanted.  There are some really great drugstore dupes out there, but there are also some great high end products that are worth saving for!  I am glad that my collection is some of both.  I do however have some products in my collection that have been a little neglected over the past year or so.  These are things that I have had a while and basically need to be used up, or thrown out.  Makeup does expire so instead of being wasteful I want to focus on using some of these things and by the end of the year if they aren't used, I will most likely just throw them out.  So this video goes into depth of all the products I am trying to use up during the year! I will also do updates occasionally every few months to let you know how my progress is doing.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All about Lip Paints! Too Faced Melted Lipstick, J cat and Forever 21 Lip Paints

So have you heard about Lip Paints recently? So many companies are coming out with their version of a "melted lipstick".  Well in this video I am showing you a bunch of lip paints I own as well as lip swatches so you can see all the colors.  Sorry I got a bit behind in updating my blog so forgive me!

I will be comparing Too Faced Melted Lipstick, Forever 21 Love and beauty lip paint and a lip paint
from J cat.

These are from the Melted Kisses Set

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Lip Paints

J cat Lip Paint

Heres a complete look with my J cat Lip Paint.

To here all my thoughts and opinions on these different products click to watch the video below!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Graphic Tees, Gold Foil Tattoos, MAC cosmetics and more Haul!

So today I wanted to share with some recent purchases I shared in my latest Haul video! So I recently  went to vegas, did some shopping and made an order from GroopDealz!! In this post I am going to show you an up close look at some awesome pieces that I am totally in love with.

The first one is this shirt.  Now I will be honest when I got this shirt it was bigger than I expected it to be.  That being said when I actually tried the shirt on, it wasn't as big as I thought it would be.  I ended up just rolling the sleeves and rolling with it. 

*I received these items for a discount as part of my affiliate program.  This post contains affiliate links.  Shopping through these links helps support this blog! 

I am seriously in love with the saying on this shirt, because if you know me, you KNOW I love lipstick!

So next I picked these gold and silver foil finish tattoos! I loved that these were bracelet style and they were super easy to apply.

Heres the sheet I got and a close up of the different designs.

I just cut out the tattoo I wanted to use, then measured it to the correct size of my wrist.  I trimmed it to fit, so it is big enough to accommodate many different wrist sizes. 

Then I just wrapped it around my wrist wetted it with a damp  cloth and...

Wa la! Easy as pie. 

Looks super cute while you are carrying a bag too!  I wore the rest of them for a girls day out shopping trip! We all picked different designs and then put them on.  Within 5 mins we were out the door ready to go.   I would suggest to let them completely dry before you try touching them, but after that you are  good to go! I love these because as a hairstylist I don't find they get caught it hair or in the way when I am working.  lasted about 3 days and then slowly faded away.  They also can be removed completely with baby oil.

The cool thing about groopdealz is they bring you deals from all over the web.  You don't have to go to a million sites, you can pretty much find anything you are looking for in one place.  From fashion, jewelry, home decor, to kids stuff.. they pretty much have it all! 

Here are some things on sale right now!

How cute are these personalized necklaces? These are only $13.99! 

These shirts are soo cute and I have seen them all over for way more than this! 

 Proud supporter of messy hair and sweatpants? Yes please! only $16.50!!

Check these deals out and more fun things I got in my latest haul! 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Delicious tomato Alfredo pasta straight from your food storage or pantry!

Delicious restaurant quality tomato alfredo pasta made straight from your food storage?!! It's true!! 

Hey guys! Welcome!  So we are all super busy and have those days where you are like "what should I make for dinner??!l"
Well occasionally I like to share recipes (which is kind of a loose term here) on something easy and yummy I made! 
So today I am sharing my recipe for tomato alfredo pasta which you can make OUT OF YOUR CUPBOARD! 

I know how it is when your like oh crap we have nothing good in the fridge now what?! This is a great thing to keep in your food storage so you can have it ready to go anytime! 

Let's get to it! 

First, this seasoning packet.  I found this one day in the seasoning/gravy section. It is so delicious! 

Next Alfredo sauce- you could make it fresh (per package directions) and use cream and parmesan cheese.  If you are in a pinch like me, I just grab a jar of Alfredo sauce. I like bertolli's but you can use whatever you like.

Next you need one regular sized can (not the large size) of diced Italian tomatoes. Again you can substitute fresh, but for ease this works perfect! 

A box of your favorite pasta, penne, bow tie, gluten free, veggie, anything you want can work just fine! 

2-4 chicken breasts. This is optional, If you are a vegetarian just skip this and add extra veggies like zucchini, broccoli or your personal favorites. I prefer the taste of fresh, but again frozen chicken in the freezer? Totally works and the sauce is so good it won't taste "frozen". 

Alrighty so basically I defrost and cut up the chicken into peices. You can do bite sized or strips. I sauté those in a Large pan. You can add butter but I figure the alfredo is rich enough I just used olive oil spray. I brown the chicken then I let it simmer in some of the juice from the tomatoes for another 5 mins. (Or until cooked through)

Next I dump in the spice packet, entire jar of sauce, entire can of tomatoes and let that baby simmer simmer. 

Are you seeing the easy yet??!! 

About 15 mins there. 

So while the chicken is cooking make sure you started the pasta cooking. Then when the pasta is al dente or almost cooked I add it too the sauce. (Hence why I said large sauté pan) and finish it in the sauce for about another five minutes. I did put a lid on at this point.

Seriously that's it. 

So now for the commentary from my husband:

"This is so good I would pay money for this."

I responded by saying "well, technically you pay money for everything I make" with a big smirk of course! 

He totally loved it, so did the kids and he really felt like this was something he would order in a restaurant. So much so so I caught him picking in the pan after I served everyone up! 

Did I mention that this makes enough to feed a small army? Seriously for less than $10 you can make this meal and feed a large family. It fed my family of 4 for two nights. 

Budget friendly? Yes! Quick and easy! Yes! Delicious? Yes! 

The only draw back is that I'm sure it's not skimping on the calories but that's where you hide those extra veggies in there! 

Hope you guys try this out sometime and enjoy it! 

Shopping list:

McCormick season for chicken penne
1 can diced Italian tomatoes, regular sized
1 jar Alfredo 
1 box/ bag pasta (about 16 oz.) 
2-4 chicken breasts
Other veggies as desired
(I'm not a measurer so if you need exact measurements you will hate this "recipie") 

-xoxo Amber